5 Facts About Chemtrails

Chances are you have probably heard about chemtrails in the past due to political issues within the United States. They have been in the news quite a not late and you may be wondering what exactly they actually are. The answer is pretty simple. Chemtrails are defined as the trail left behind by an aircraft. It is also important to note that there are several conspiracy theories following the trails, as well. Some people believe that there are harmful chemicals found within the trails that are being used to harm citizens. This is purely theoretical and should not at all be taken as truthful as many reports dismiss this.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at five facts that you may not have known regarding chemtrails.
Our very first fact today is the scientific explanation for said trails. It is quite simple. Jet and plane engines alike produce a large amount of steaming hot gas. They also produce an abundance of water vapor as a side effect of the exhaust. The air is also very humid. Be that as it may, these planes fly very high in the atmosphere where the air is oftentimes found to be very cold. At this height, the atmosphere also has very low pressure. The amount of pressure is also known as the power brought into play within the surrounding environment.

Now we will take a closer look as to how the clouds are formed by this phenomenon. You see when the above mentioned steaming hot gas from the jet engine is released within a generally chilly atmosphere with a low amount of vapor pressure, the result is known as condensation. This is caused by the water vapor that is quickly escaping the jet engine forming into droplets of water that will soon turn into ice via a crystallization process. The crystals of ice are the clouds and considered to be the chemtrail behind the plane.

They are also known as contrails. This is a shortened name for condensation trails. It is explained by relating it to the fact that you can see your breath on, particularly cold days. These processes are quite similar and as a result, this is probably the best explanation that can be provided. In both instances, the atmosphere as a whole is much more humid than regular resulting in the contrail and your breath lingering for longer than what it typically would in any other instance. While seeing your breath may only last for a few seconds, it is important to remember that contrails can last for hours on end and actually span miles in both length and width. That’s pretty crazy to consider!

Another fact is that the chemtrails don’t just contain the items mentioned above, but products resulting from the engine exhaust as well. Examples of these items would be carbon dioxide, sulfates in large numbers, and soot. These things are not at all to be considered dangerous and are completely normal in this situation. There are not any scary chemicals involved at all.

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